Kevin Smith, Southwest Put Seatgate Behind Them. Kinda

The “Clerks” director is resigned, but not satisfied. The airline is just resigned

Last Updated: February 16, 2010 @ 1:04 PM
The Kevin Smith-vs.-Southwest Airlines PR battle appeared to come in for a landing Sunday night, when both sides declared that they had heard each other’s arguments — and had said all they were going to say.

In a nutshell:
Smith: I was NOT too fat to fly, even if Southwest refuses to admit it.
Southwest: Mistakes were made, we’re sorry, but we’re "not here to debate the decision" to remove him from the plane.
Two full days of back-and-forth on Twitter (Smiths, and Southwest’s), blog posts (Smiths, and Southwest’s) and nearly every other platform imaginable ended with this tweet from the "Cop Out" director:
DONE with this. @SouthwestAirblogs, so I blog: G’night, folks. Let’s talk about anything else tomorrow.
The one thing we all can agree upon.