Kimmel Jokes That People Who Believe Trump Did Nothing Wrong Are ‘Same People Who Think JFK’ Will Return ‘to Win The Masked Singer’ (Video)

According to a new poll, 20% of Americans believe Trump did not do anything wrong

With one indictment underway and multiple other investigations bearing down on twice-impeached former president Donald Trump, there are some people who believe he did nothing wrong. Of course, Jimmy Kimmel thinks those are the same people who also think another ex-president is going to return from the dead.

During his monologue on Monday night, Kimmel cited a recent poll from ABC News that indicated more than half of Americans believe Trump knowingly committed an illegal act, after he was charged with 34 counts of felony business record falsification last week.

Meanwhile, 20% believe Trump did not do anything wrong, but Kimmel pretty well dismissed those people out of hand.

“These are the same people who think JFK’s coming back from the dead to win ‘The Masked Singer,’” Kimmel mocked.

The late night host was more interested in the 11% of people in the poll who said they believe Trump did something wrong, but not intentionally.

“Which, I don’t know what, it was an accident?” Kimmel mocked through his own laughter. “A spider crawled into Donald Trump’s underpants. Luckily, Stormy Daniels was there, and she killed it with a magazine! She just beat it, and beat it so hard, and then Trump was so grateful, he got his lawyers to secretly pay her $130,000, as a token of gratitude!”

You can watch the full segment from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” in the video above.