Lady Gaga Gets Puked on in the Name of Art at SXSW (Video)

The “ARTPOP” singer was vomited on during a charity concert event in Austin

Last Updated: August 4, 2014 @ 10:57 AM

Everything is grosser in Texas.

Lady Gaga was vomited on — a lot, and on purpose — in the name of art during her Doritos-sponsored South by Southwest charity concert on Thursday.

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The “ARTPOP” artist  was performing Thursday on the snack chip’s #BoldStage to benefit her Born This Way Foundation. She was joined by “vomit painter” Millie Brown, who lent the singer a hand — and plenty of bile — during her performance of “Swine.”

First, Brown drank a large container of neon green liquid as Gaga belted out the tune and smashed around on the drums. Finally, it was time for Brown’s big moment: the tall, attractive brunette induced vomiting, all over Gaga’s chest — again and again. The funky color came out the same shade it went in.

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Towards the end of the tune, the duo climbed aboard a mechanical bull, where Gaga straddled Brown for a bit before it was time to do some more painting. This time, a more muted black liquid was chosen.

Cue more vomit; Doritos must have been thrilled to be associated with so much puking.

Watch the clip:


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