Leslie Jones Attempts ‘Daily Show’ F-Bomb Record in Return: ‘What the F-k America’ (Video)

The former “SNL” star, who launched this Comedy Central guest host era in January, dropped 12 in the show’s opening 13 minutes

Comedian Leslie Jones wasted no time in her return as guest host of “The Daily Show.” The minute Monday night’s episode started, Jones was off to the races, swearing and blaming America for “what the f–k is going on with Donald Trump.”

“Last time I hosted a show I solved all of America’s problems. But then y’all f–ked everything up again, acting like you got a substitute teacher, showing your a-s,” Jones said at the top of the show. “Well guess what? Ms. Jones is back in class, bitches.”

Throughout the course of her opening, 13-minute monologue, Jones dropped the f-word 12 times, true to her energetic comedic style. It was uncertain what the “Daily Show” record was for f-bombs dropped, but Jones’ effort was valiant, and she certainly joined the pantheon.

In the monologue, which you can watch at the top of this post, she covered everything from the recent GOP primary debate to the high-end brothel network that was uncovered in Massachusetts and Virginia. But by the end, Jones settled on her two favorite “Daily Show” topics: mocking Trump and yelling at senior correspondent Michael Kosta.

Jones first made fun of Trump for his recent genie comments. Trump recently said that he would be justified if he told federal prosecutors to go after his rivals if he were to be re-elected as president. “What they’ve done is they’ve released the genie out of the box,” Trump said.

“Man, this dude can’t even tell the truth about genies. The one thing we know about genies is that they come out of a lamp,” Jones quipped.

But more importantly, she said, Trump has called his political opponents and American citizens “vermin” when he is “literally the definition of vermin.”

“What the f–k America? How did y’all let this happen, because this ain’t my fault. I wasn’t paying attention,” Jones said. “The man’s indicted in every state in America. I didn’t know you was allowed to run for the president when you was already running from the po-po.”

Jones first hosted the Comedy Central show the week of Jan. 17. During her time on the air, actor Morris Chestnut, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Alexis McGill Johnson and radio host Charlamagne Tha God were her guests. Charlamagne Tha God would go on to host “The Daily Show” starting in late October. Jones was widely praised for her first week hosting the iconic series but came in second to last place in the ratings compared to her peers. The fact that Jones only hosted three days instead of four due to MLK Day significantly contributed to this ranking.


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