A&E’s ‘Live PD’: Watch Motorcycle Couple Crash Into – and Fly Over – Car While Evading Police (Video)

Finally, some payoff on cable’s live version of “Cops”

Bikers, don’t run from the cops — especially on live TV. It’ll only make you look really stupid when you crash into the back of a Honda Civic.

Oh, it hurts too.

That’s precisely what happened when a married couple tried to evade Springfield, Missouri, police on a motorcycle Friday night on A&E’s “Live PD,” which is like a live version of “Cops.”

Turns out the husband, who was operating the motorcycle, was on probation. For what, you ask? Fleeing an officer on his bike. People never cease to amaze, and they rarely start to surprise.

After slamming into the back of a sedan — which had only stopped for the police chase — the repeat offender and his wife flew pretty far and were both injured, but luckily they lived.

Always wear a helmet, guys. Legs heal.

Watch the video above. The crash is just after the one-hour, three-minute mark.