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‘Mad Men': ’80s Don Draper is Twitter Tested, Matthew Weiner Approved

Don Draper's creator tells TheWrap he likes the Twitter character he inspired

Where's the beef? There isn't one between Matthew Weiner and '80s Don Draper.

The "Mad Men" creator tells TheWrap he heartily approves of '80s Don Draper, a character brought to Twitter by comedian John McNamee. The feed imagines the 1960s advertising genius dispensing deep thoughts in our shallowest decade.

One of his recent observations: "Everyone you’ve ever loved will leave, betray you, or die. Everyone but your Chia Pet."

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Weiner says someone pointed out '80s Don Draper to him in April. At the time, the character was tweeting things like, "Peggy! Hold all my faxes!" and "People are asking where's our childhood? Where's our America? Where's the beef?"

Weiner says he's a fan of "Mad Men" parodies — including '80s Don Draper.

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"I did see it, and I thought it was hilarious," Weiner said. "I don't know if people know this about me, but anything that makes fun of the show is very flattering to me. … Being made fun of on 'Saturday Night Live,' being made fun of on 'The Simpsons,' and things that are fan-generated — if they're clever, they totally, totally crack me up."

So '80s Don Draper is Matthew Weiner approved?

"It is totally Matthew Weiner approved," Weiner said.