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‘Man of Steel’ Henry Cavill Was Nearly Badly Burned in Deleted Scene (Video)

Cavill brought a clip of Superman fighting General Zod — and some stories from the set — to the "Tonight Show"

“Man of Steel” Henry Cavill told Jay Leno on Thursday night that working on accents is “like going to the gym, for your mouth.” 

British actor Cavill, who plays Superman/Clark Kent in the upcoming film, was referring to the American accent he adopted for the upcoming surefire blockbuster.

Then he promptly delivered a beatdown to General Zod in front of a Smallville 7-Eleven — in a clip, of course. (You can watch the action-packed scene in the clip below.)

But learning to speak American was nothing compared to almost getting burned by a nasty co-star: real live fire.

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At one point in the interview – not featured in the clip – Cavill was asked about the oil rig fire scene shown in the trailers, according to ComicBook.com. He and Leno discussed one scene in the filming of “Man of Steel,” where Cavill had a close call.

The fire in the background was real, he said, and they covered him in protective gel to keep him safe.

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“There’s this one bit that didn’t make the movie, unfortunately, but I walked up toward these stairs looking for these guys working on the rig," Cavill said. "And they set off this 15- to 20-foot fireball in front of me. And I’m about 25 meters away from this thing, and the fire gel on me dries and cracks instantly.

"And had I not been wearing it, my skin would have blistered and come clean off.”

Here's the clip.