Maria Bartiromo’s Business Advice For Kanye West: ‘That’s Not the Way You Make a Pitch’

Fox Business Network’s Bartiromo has ideas for helping West out of his $53 million debt

Last Updated: February 16, 2016 @ 10:11 AM

“Clearly he has not done a lot of fundraising,” Fox Business Network anchor Maria Bartiromo said of Kanye West during a wide-ranging interview about her two-year anniversary at Fox Business Network.

We asked Bartiromo about West’s recent Twitter rants, in which he mentioned being $53 million in debt and pleaded with billionaires to provide him cash to “bring more beautiful ideas to the world.”

“That’s not the way you make a pitch,” Maria Bartiromo told TheWrap. “I’ve been involved in a lot of pitches and I’ve seen and watched and reported on a lot of pitches by businesses looking to raise money and going on fund-raising campaigns. And [soliciting via Twitter] is not the way to do it.”

Bartiromo says potential investors “want to know if there is growth” and they want to know if they can “make money on the investment” as opposed to just helping an artist they might enjoy.

“If Kanye really wanted and he was serious about getting great investors, like a Mark Zuckerberg, to invest in him, then he needs to make the case as far as why. Not just, ‘Oh you like my clothing line or my music.’ But what is in it for the investor?” Bartiromo said.

TheWrap spoke to Bartiromo not just about West, but also Justice Antonin Scalia, moderating presidential debates, and, of course, the Wu-Tang Clan — who are better known for their investing savvy than West is.

We’ll post the full interview soon.