Rep. Matt Gaetz Considers Early Congressional Exit for Newsmax Gig (Report)

The Florida Republican has a reputation for fiery TV hits designed to make an impact online

Matt Gaetz RNC

Rep. Matt Gaetz is eyeing a Congressional exit and a new Newsmax gig, according to a report in Axios.

Per the report, the Republican lawmaker and ardent supporter of former President Donald Trump “has privately told confidants he’s seriously considering not seeking re-election and possibly leaving Congress early for a job at Newsmax.”

A representative for the Floridian congressman did not immediately return a request for comment or confirmation.

Gaetz, first elected in 2016, has made a name for himself with his fiery media appearances and frequent Twitter spats. He was profiled in HBO’s “The Swamp” last year. While the documentary focused on his decision not to accept money from political action committees, it also revealed how strategic his media appearances are.

Gaetz mentions in the film that when he does television news hits, he thinks about them in terms of inflammatory clips that will find new life online. One of the filmmakers told TheWrap last year that to that end, Gaetz “does hundreds and hundreds of television appearances each year.”

He previously served in the Florida House before entering Congress. Past reports on his aspirations have indicated Gaetz might be interested in higher office still. As Trump proved in 2016, television notoriety has been known to lead to a higher political career every now and then.


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