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Megyn Kelly ‘Loves’ Bill O’Reilly, But Says She’d Do Better Hillary Clinton Interview (Video)

”Bill—and I love him—goes macro…and I’ll go micro,“ Fox News primetime host proclaims

Megyn Kelly is jonesing to interview new Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, and she proclaimed Monday that she would offer a better interview than Fox News primetime colleague Bill O’Reilly.

“Bill – and I love him—does macro…and I’ll go micro,” Kelly said while speaking to Judge Andrew Napolitano. “And she needs to be asked the specific questions.”

Kelly said Clinton needs an interviewer to go ten layers deep: “I don’t want to terrify Hillary,” she continued, suggesting she’d offer a fair but tenacious interview.

Kelly joked she went to college in Albany while Hillary went to Yale, suggesting she’s not as smart as the new candidate.

“It is to her benefit to sit with somebody like me,” she said.

Napolitano kept including O’Reilly in the same sentence of people who should interview Clinton, but Kelly was having none of it.

“I don’t like you mentioning O’Reilly, who is this O’Reilly you keep mentioning?” she joked.

Watch the video above.