Would-Be First Lady Melania Trump: Donald Does Not Need the Publicity

Reality star’s third wife tells Joy Behar: “I have a birth certificate from Slovenia” — where’s Obama’s?

Melania Trump appeared on HLN Wednesday to defend her would-be presidential hopeful husband's push for the White House.

Melania told Joy Behar that The Donald's presidential aspirations are not what 60 percent of Americans think they are: a publicity stunt.

"Is he really running for the presidency?" Behar asked Melania. "The wife knows the truth."

Melania was armed with talking points. Her response:

Look, he doesn't need the publicity stunt. He's successful. He will make a decision prior to June. And he's very passionate about the country. He's one of the best, the most brilliant mind … negotiator mind out there, like the genius' mind out there. And he wants to see the country one of the best. The best in the world. We all know the troubles in America nowadays. He wants to see everybody doing well. The issue is about bringing jobs back, bringing jobs to the country. And he's very passionate about that. And I see people really like it. They like it, what he's saying.  … He's not the politician that goes in the circles, around and around and just the talk. He's very direct. He will say what he thinks. And he gets the job done. He's very successful with his firm, with his organization.

And about Obama's birth certificate her husband is so interested in:

I have a birth certificate from Slovenia. … It would be very easy if President Obama just show it. It's not just Donald who want to see it. It's the American people, who voted for him and didn't [vote] for him. They want to see it. … We feel [certificate of live birth] is different than birth certificate.

Melania said it's not Donald who is pushing the "birther" issue — it's the "media, bringing it up all the time."

Here's the clip: