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Melania Trump Nudges Donald During Easter Egg Roll National Anthem – Twitter Responds (Video)

”Trump’s too busy preening and puffing his chest out to notice something trivial like the National Anthem,“ tweets one user

First Lady Melania Trump appeared to give her husband, President Trump, a subtle nudge to remind him to place a hand over his heart for the National Anthem during Monday’s annual White House Easter Egg Roll.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to react and poke fun at everyone involved in the situation. One user said, “Melania looks miserable,” while another chimed in, “I’d laugh if I wasn’t crying – this is the actual president.”

One user tweeted, “If you see a longer version of the video. You realize that Trump had to check where his heart was.” Many pointed to the fact that the First Lady is an immigrant.

“Quite telling that the first lady, an immigrant, had to remind him,” Huffington Post writer Andy McDonald wrote.

President Rutherford B. Hayes started the Egg Roll tradition back in 1878, with the bunny first making an appearance in 1969 during President Richard Nixon’s administration, according to the New York Daily News. Other than the National Anthem moment, the 2017 version of the Egg Roll appeared to go off without a hitch. Unfortunately for Trump, it doesn’t take much to get mocked across social media these days.

Check out some of the online reaction: