Me Too. International CEO Says Its Work Isn’t Centered in the Movement’s Perceived ‘Gotcha Mentality’

Office With a View: Dani Ayers says that while #MeToo is perhaps best known for taking sexual assaulters down, the organization’s focus is on the victim

Dani Ayers MeToo
Dani Ayers, CEO of me too. International (me too. international)

More than a decade before the #MeToo hashtag went viral, activist and sexual assault survivor Tarana Burke had coined the phrase and quietly founded the “me too” movement to help survivors of sexual violence, especially Black girls and women, heal. When “Me Too” exploded into public consciousness in 2017, it threw Burke and the cause into the global spotlight, prompting her to establish the nonprofit me too. International just two years later.

“Our work is very much about the basic need for safety,” Dani Ayers, CEO of me too. International, told TheWrap for this week’s edition of Office With a View.