5 Years of #MeToo: How the Movement Spread Beyond Hollywood – for Better and for Worse

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A half decade since the hashtag went viral, we can see the awareness it has created, but we’re also struggling with what to do with the knowledge

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#MeToo leaders, from left, Alyssa Milano, Tarana Burke, Dani Ayers, and Mimi Haley. (Getty Images, Twitter)

Sexual assault survivor Mimi Haley spent much of the last five years reliving her trauma and enduring death threats and “other vile harassment.”

But the former production assistant doesn’t regret for a moment joining the women who went public with accusations against Harvey Weinstein in October 2017. She testified at his New York criminal trial in early 2020 and witnessed the disgraced producer’s subsequent conviction. 

“I’ve had to heal from the re-trauma of holding him accountable,” said Haley, whose given name is Miriam Haleyi, via an email sent through her attorney. “But the ripple effect it’s had makes it worth it. I hear so many people refer to that trial and the impacts it’s had when talking about these issues.”

Mimi Haley, left, and attorney Gloria Allred at a press conference on Oct.