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Microsoft Will Use ChatGPT to Generate Customer Emails and Replies for Its New Viva Sales Platform

The tech giant is pushing to adapt the OpenAI technology on several fronts

Microsoft is launching a proprietary software that will integrate Viva Sales with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which will soon begin generating client-facing sales emails and replies for its new customer-management and employee-experience platform.

The Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 will “cull data from customer records and Office email” to generate the copy, Bloomberg reported Thursday. Human Viva Sales users will be able to rely on GPT to produce first drafts of emails that include “personalized text, pricing details and promotions.”

Viva Sales is free for users of Microsoft’s Dynamics customer management program and costs $40 per user per month for Salesforce users.

The latest news on ChatGPT arrives one day after OpenAI, the California-based startup funded by Microsoft, announced it was inviting waitlisted users to subscribe to a professional version of its buzzy chatbot for $20 per month. The invitations only apply to U.S. users, although OpenAI teased it may further expand ChatGPT professional to other markets.

ChatGPT is being integrated throughout the Microsoft ecosystem, as the company has indicated plans to deploy it with the Bing search engine and its other software.

OpenAI’s AI chatbot has grabbed headlines since its launch at the end of November because its “imitation of human conversation sparked speculation about its potential to supplant professional writers and even threaten the core search business at Alphabet Inc.’s Google,” according to Bloomberg.