Casey Bloys Addresses the Addition of ‘Naked Attraction’ to Max: ‘HBO Is the Home of ‘Real Sex’ and ‘Cathouse”

The cheeky U.K. series was quietly added to the streamer’s portfolio last week

Channel 4

HBO Chairman and CEO Casey Bloys addressed the inclusion of U.K. series “Naked Attraction” on Max, which prompted a viral craze after it was quietly added to the Warner Bros. Discovery-owned streamer last week.

“That show has been on in the U.K. for I want to say six seasons — it was part of a whole library deal,” Bloys explained Wednesday at the Code Conference.

“I just want to make one point because I think I know the point that you’re probably trying to make as, ‘Oh my gosh, can you imagine that show next to… your prestige show?’” Bloys continued. “I will remind you that HBO is the home of ‘Real Sex’ and ‘Cathouse’… Going back to the ‘You need an entire a mix of programming’ — this programming serves its purpose.”

Debuting in 2016, “Naked Attraction” is not your typical dating show. The series, hosted by Anna Richardson, follows one “chooser” who judges and subsequently eliminates potential matches by scrutinizing their nude bodies, which are revealed bit by bit, with their face last, of course. After narrowing down the six potential dates to two participants, the chooser strips down and gives the two remaining contestants a chance to judge the chooser themselves, before the final couple go on a clothed date.

The show has remained uncensored on Max, despite displaying full-frontal nudity. However, Max added a warning for the show that reads: “The following series is intended only for mature audiences. It contains full frontal nudity, coarse language, and graphic discussions about the human body. Viewer discretion is advised.”

Since its addition on Max, “Naked Attraction” soared to the streamer’s most-watched viewership list a week after its U.S. release.

The seventh season of the show is currently airing on Channel 4 in the U.K. 


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