Hollywood Is Leveling Up With Quality Video-Game TV Adaptations, and Fans Are Noticing | PRO Insight

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Series adaptations of console hits like “Resident Evil” and “The Last of Us” signal a 2023 renaissance for gaming IP

Ella Balinska as Jade on "Resident Evil." (Marcos Cruz/Netflix)

“Resident Evil,” which premiered Thursday on Netflix, was the most-anticipated video game-based show of 2022, according to our company, entertainment data provider Whip Media.

We looked at data from millions of users of our TV Time app (which tracks movies and TV series) and found that “Resident Evil” narrowly edged past “Halo” in terms of fan anticipation within 30 days of its release date. And given that “Halo” was the largest original content premiere that Paramount+ has had to date, that’s saying something.

There’s also a lot of anticipation for TV’s video-game adaptations in general. In a recent survey conducted by Whip Media, 83% of the survey respondents said they were either very interested or interested in TV adaptations of video-game-related content.

Resident Evil
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