Nicki Minaj to Host ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Reunion, Fans Prepare for ‘Literally My Super Bowl’

The rapper has already received host Andy Cohen’s blessing

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It’s a good day to be a Barb. The Queen of Rap, aka Nicki Minaj announced that she’ll soon be adding yet another skill to her belt: television hosting. Specifically, she says she’ll be moderating the “Real Housewives of Potomac” reunion show. 

Minaj officially broke the news Friday morning on Twitter, writing “Who tf is ready,” with a screenshot of a conversation with one “Joe Publicist.” In it, Minaj’s rep relayed that there’d be a peaceful transfer of power from Cohen.

“Andy Cohen said he would gladly give up his seat to have you host the Potomac reunion,” he wrote in the text, before ensuring that he’d get more details. 

Minaj shared her excitement over the alleged hosting duties on Instagram stories. 

“Don’t move! Everyone binge watch all the seasons cuz we finna get into some thangz hunty,” she wrote. “My questions will be well thought out too. Mixed with funny and epic of course.”

The rapper added a quick plea for the Barbz (her fanbase’s nickname) to “not send me a million comments about the album and the doc” in order to “lemme have my moment.” 

Minaj mentioned hosting the series’ reunion Thursday on Instagram, posting a Bravo teaser trailer remixed with her song, “Moment For Life,” with the caption, “I’ll be hosting the reunion. lmk what y’all want me to ask chile.”

The Potomac crew is clearly here for it. Karen Huger wrote, “All right now” with a flame, and Gizelle Bryant commented, “Yesssssss!!!!!” while Robyn Dixon added hands up and flower emojis. Wendy Osefo also commented, “Yessssss Queen,” with a crown emoji.

Still, many fans assumed that the post was just another example of Minaj’s irreverent sense of humor, that is, until she seemingly proved “I’m Legit” on Friday. 

A rep for Bravo declined to comment on Nicki’s new gig but the Barbz are buzzing regardless. 

Check out some of the best reactions here. Even RHOP favorite Dr. Wendy Osefo joined in on the fun.


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