Olivia Wilde’s Childhood Chris Farley Story Will Warm Your Heart (Video)

Former “SNL” star spent time making 10-year-old Wilde laugh, feel better about her weight

Olivia Wilde wasn’t always as statuesque as she is now, and legendary funnyman Chris Farley once helped her overcome a youthful insecurity surrounding food.

A 10-year-old Wilde found herself at an “SNL” after-party, she recalled on Thursday’s “Late Late Show,” hanging out by the dessert table — her usual haunt back then.

“I was a fat kid,” she explained to host James Corden, her fellow guests, and the CBS studio audience. “I was standing there eating a brownie, kind of self-consciously.”

Chris Farley walked up and just looked at me, locked eyes with me, took a brownie and put it in his mouth, and then took another brownie and put it in his mouth, and then another one and put it in his mouth,” Wilde said, adding a pretty good physical Farley impression, “and then he just start slamming them into his mouth.”

“It was all to delight a child,” she recalled. “He took time out of his party to come over and make me laugh. It was so moving, so sweet.”

Watch the video above.


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