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Watch Ramsay Bolton Actor Transform Into Adolf Hitler in ‘Urban Myths’ Trailer (Video)

Iwan Rheon is just as creepy playing the dictator of the German Reich as he was as a villainous psychopath on ”Game of Thrones“

The actor who played most evil man on TV in 2016 is now playing the most evil man in modern history.

If the idea of Ramsay Bolton being transformed into Adolf Hitler gives you nightmares, then you should maybe avoid watching the trailer for the upcoming U.K. movie “Urban Myths.”

While the majority of the attention so far as been on Joseph Fiennes’ creepy transformation into Michael Jackson, we’re freaked out by Welsh actor Iwan Rheon as the leering future leader of the Nazi party.

Rheon, 31, from Carmarthen in Wales, plays Hitler as a hapless, pale-faced artist during his bohemian days (the architect of the Holocaust and dictator of the German Reich was nicknamed “The Bohemian Corporal”) before he invaded Europe.

Iwan Rheon and Rupert Grint in Urban Myths

In Sky Arts’s “Urban Myths: A Brand New Collection of Comedies,” Rheon is joined by another unlikely casting in the form of “Harry Potter” alum Rupert Grint (above, left) as his henchman, listed simply as “Hitler’s Friend.”

ramsay bolton game of thrones


As “Game of Thrones” fans are well aware, Ramsay Bolton met a gruesome death at the jaws of his own hounds in the Season 6 episode of the HBO hit titled “Battle of the Bastards.” The brutal battle scene and subsequent shocker between Ramsay and Sansa Stark in the kennels helped the series win seven awards at the 2016 Emmys.

Rheon doesn’t get only villainous psychopath parts, however. In a 2014 adaptation of Dylan Thomas’ “Under Milk Wood” he played Evans the Death (the local undertaker), and in the BBC TV drama, “Our Girl,” his character is named Dylan “Smurf” Smith — which, at least, sounds a lot less sinister.

Along with Hitler and the King of Pop, “Urban Myths” — which describes itself as a collection of “true-ish stories” — also features Ben Chaplin as Cary Grant, Eddie Marsan as Bob Dylan, Stockard Channing as Elizabeth Taylor, Brian Cox as Marlon Brando and fellow “Game of Thrones” star Aidan Gillen (a.k.a Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish) as trippy Timothy Leary.

While Rheon will not be returning to “Game of Thrones,” you can watch him in the “Urban Myths” trailer above.

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