Paul McCartney Takes the Mannequin Challenge to a Meta Level (Video)

Former Beatle stands still for once to get in on the latest viral sensation

paul mccartney
Getty Images

Even at 74, Paul McCartney refuses to stand still — except maybe just this once.

The former Beatle took time out from his still-very-active career on Thursday to get in on the latest viral sensation, the Mannequin Challenge — a sensation that has a particular relevance to him.

McCartney posted his effort on Twitter, doing his best to maintain a mannequin-like pose to the strains of Rae Sremmurd’s song “Black Beatles,” which is often used to accompany the challenge.

“Love those Black Beatles,” McCartney wrote in the caption to the video, which finds the musician performing the challenge, albeit with the supporting help of his piano keyboard (oh, Lord)…

The musician even singled out the line of the song pertaining specifically to him — “Black Beatle, bitch, me and Paul McCartney related” — as the soundtrack to his feat of still-standing.

Well, maybe we’re amazed… or maybe we’re taking this as an opportunity to write about something besides  Donald Trump this week.

Watch McCartney act like a dummy in the video.