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People Who Waited Until Launch Day to Order a PS5 Are Having a Hard Time Getting One

Would-be scalpers are reselling the console for almost a 200% markup

Sony’s PlayStation 5 console officially launched in the U.S. on Nov. 12 ahead of the worldwide release on Nov. 19, and shocking no one, it looks like players who waited until now to try and order one are having a hard time doing so.

How hard? For starters, the supply appears to be quite limited with a great many people reporting that new consoles sold out immediately on multiple platforms. As of this writing, TheWrap can confirm that retailers including WalMart, Best Buy, Amazon, Target and GameStop are all currently sold out.

That might be why few people reported that they were able to add the new console to their shopping carts only for it to become unavailable before they could finalize purchase. And that’s assuming they could even get to that point, as for just one example, Wal Mart’s website crashed due to high demand moments after PS5 went on sale.

But those of you who pre-ordered one shouldn’t get too cocky — even some people who pre-ordered a PS5 months ago say their shipment has been delayed.

Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of this problem might have been caused by would-be scalpers. At least one of them appears to have been able to purchase dozens of them, which he is now attempting to sell for as much as $1,100 apiece. The PS5 retails for $499 (or $399 for the digital model without a disc drive), but according to CCN, PS5 consoles are being sold on secondary market sites like eBay for up to $2,000 per console, a nearly 120% markup.

Whether that works out for them remains to be seen however. As a lot of people keep pointing out, Sony will continue to manufacture consoles to meet the demand, and the only thing users need to do in order to beat scalpers is simply wait a little bit.

“We understand the frustration customers are experiencing. Unfortunately pre-order inventory is generally limited, so some retailers may be out of stock. We are working hard to meet demand and we appreciate your support and interest,” Sony said in a statement.

Of course, gamers took to the internet to express their joy at finding a PS5 — or rage at the inability to get one — check out those responses below.