Read the Unpublished Cameron Crowe Story That Inspired ‘Almost Famous’

In 1996, before writing the Oscar-winning screenplay, Crowe wrote a magazine article about himself, his mother and rock ‘n’ roll — and as the ”Almost Famous“ musical is about to open, here is that story for the first time

Cameron Crowe wrote this story in 1996 for a short-lived magazine named Live! It never ran because of length constraints, but at the time Cameron said he didn’t mind because writing about his relationship with music and with his mother had given him an idea for a screenplay.

The ensuing script turned out to be “Almost Famous,” for which he won the original-screenplay Oscar. And with the musical-theater version of “Almost Famous” opening at the Old Globe theater in San Diego on Friday, Sept. 27, Crowe gave TheWrap permission to run the original story he’d written 23 years ago. (For more on the origin story, click here.)

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