Rebecca Ferguson and Stephen Colbert Giggle Over Shirtless Josh Brolin Video in Delightfully Chaotic Interview

At one point, the “Dune: Part Two” actress fully admits “I stopped listening”

Rebecca Ferguson stopped by “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Thursday night, and the interview quickly devolved into wonderful chaos, before ending in a full-on giggle fit. What sparked the laughter? A shirtless Josh Brolin.

Though she stars as Lady Jessica in the “Dune” franchise — “Dune: Part Two” is now in theaters — Colbert kicked off the interview by mentioning how she hadn’t read the book yet the last time she was on the show, and Ferguson admitted that she still hasn’t read the book yet. She added that she’s been lying about it in her other interviews on the “Dune: Part Two” press tour. But she reminded Colbert that, thanks to him being a huge fan of the book and letting her know, she learned that her character had a bigger arc in this sequel.

So, she promptly asked him about what happens in “Dune: Messiah.”

“I’m not going to tell you! Ask Denis Villeneuve!” Colbert shot back.

The host then launched into talking about the film, pulling out a photo of the cast to hold up, which appeared to startle Ferguson. As she looked behind the desk, Colbert explained that he has “props” that he uses for interviews — but as he tried to continue, he couldn’t.

“I stopped listening. I don’t know why,” Ferguson cut in. “I got so excited!”

Eventually, the two bonded over their friendship with Ferguson’s “Dune” costar Josh Brolin, and the messages he sends each of them. Colbert bragged that he gets shirtless videos from the actor, so Ferguson demanded proof.

And indeed, Colbert was handed his personal phone by a producer and quickly pulled up a video Brolin had sent him, in which he was shirtless (and flipping the host off). Ferguson and Colbert simply cracked up, then went to commercial. We’re guessing that warm reception means Brolin wasn’t the “idiot” costar who she called out recently for screaming at her.

You can watch Ferguson’s full appearance on “The Late Show” in the video above.


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