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‘Red vs. Blue’ Network Rooster Teeth Crowdfunding First Movie

”Lazer Team“ will be a sci-fi comedy

Popular YouTube network Rooster Teeth has launched an Indiegogo campaign to fund its first movie, “Lazer Team.” It is a science-fiction comedy about set years after reported contact between earth and an alien civilization.

Science-fiction is a popular genre at Rooster Teeth, the Austin, Tex.-based production company that made “Red vs. Blue,” a popular web series it claims is the web’s longest-running show. The company operates an eponymous channel that boasts more than 5 million subscribers and 2 billion views.

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“We’ve always been movie guys,” Rooster Teeth founder Burnie Burns, who created “Red vs. Blue,” said in the video explaining the campaign. When he first met Matt Hullum, his long-time producing partner and Rooster Teeth’s current CEO, their goal was to make a film.

Web video came first, but a lot of web-first companies and creators are experimenting with feature-length projects. YouTube stars Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart made “Camp Takota,” while AwesomenessTV is making a movie with Vine stars Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas.

Rooster Teeth has set a goal of $650,000 for the campaign, though like all crowdfunders, the company hopes fans will pony up even more. [Update: Fans contributed more than $300,000 within the first few hours.] The money will be spent on visual effects, talent and shooting locations, among other needs.