‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ – New International Trailer Delivers More Vader (Video)

The latest trailer for “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” includes a few important new shots and clues about how this Rebel heist will go down

Today’s all-new “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” international trailer may not have given us much more to look at, but when it did, the sneak peeks were fantastic. The trailer, which released earlier today in Japan, hit the internet with a few new looks at Darth Vader, which is probably enough to satisfy most fans.

We’re also given a first look at Valene Kane in the role of Lyra Erso, the mother of “Rogue One” protagonist Jyn Erso. We see what seems to be an important exchange between the two, as it was the first time a kyber crystal was seen on screen.

While most of the new trailer is made up of things we’ve already seen, the inclusion of Jyn’s mother and that spot of backstory is an interesting choice so close to the movie’s launch after all the previous marketing hadn’t even hinted that character would be in the movie at all.

There’s also nothing wrong with more peeks at Darth Vader, who wears a mask with dark, almost crimson lenses similar to that of his suit from “Star Wars: A New Hope.” This makes sense, of course, since there isn’t much time between when the Death Star plans are stolen and when Princess Leia shoots them off to Tatooine with the two most surprisingly capable droids in the galaxy.

Either way, the trailer served as a nice surprise for stateside fans, who may not see any other new footage until they walk into theaters in December.