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Ron Perlman Shuts Down ‘Hellboy’ Reboot Questions During Reddit AMA Session

”I refuse to answer any questions about it,“ actor says of upcoming film starring ”Stranger Things“ actor David Harbour

Ask Ron Perlman anything — except, apparently, questions about the upcoming “Hellboy” reboot.

Perlman, who played the titular demonic hero in 2004’s “Hellboy” and its 2008 sequel, “Hellboy II: The Golden Army,” fielded questions during a Reddit AMA session on Wednesday — but the topic of the reboot was something he chose to punt on.

“OK muthaf–kas, I’m back! This is my 3rd AMA- let’s make this one for the books,” Perlman wrote in the kickoff to the session. “I’ve got a lot of sh– to talk and a lot of sh– to talk about. I bet you have some Qs and boy do I have some As.”

Those answers, as it turned out, wouldn’t have anything to do with the “Hellboy” reboot.

“Now that photos have been released, how do you feel about the ‘new’ Hellboy?” one fan asked.

“I’ve made my peace with it. I refuse to answer any questions about it,” Perlman replied.

In January, “Hellboy” director Guillermo del Toro said that he would meet with Perlman about a possible third installment of the movie series. However, the following month, Guillermo said that plans for a sequel would not go forward.

“Hellboy 3 Sorry to report: Spoke w all parties. Must report that 100% the sequel will not happen. And that is to be the final thing about it,” del Toro tweeted in February.

Instead, “Stranger Things” star David Harbour inherited the role for the reboot. Earlier this month, Harbour posted a photo of himself in costume via Instagram earlier this month.