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‘Fox & Friends’ Host Interrupts Giuliani After He Baselessly Says Biden Has Dementia: ‘None of Us Are Doctors’ (Video)

”That’s your opinion,“ Steve Doocy says to Trump’s personal lawyer

“Fox & Friends” host Steve Doocy stepped in to interrupt Rudy Giuliani after he baselessly said Joe Biden had dementia ahead of Tuesday’s anticipated first debate between Biden and Trump.

“Look, the man has dementia,” Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer and debate coach, said. “There is no doubt about it. I have talked to doctors. I have them look at 100 different tapings of his. Five years ago and today.”

“The Biden people say he’s fine,” Doocy responded.

Giuliani then proceeded to speak for nearly a minute uninterrupted as he claimed that he had spoken to two gerontologists who said the former vice president had “middle-level dementia” and suggested, without evidence, that Biden was taking drugs like Adderall.

“And that’s why the President wants to do a drug test, but none of us are doctors. This is just, that’s your opinion. So it will be interesting to see what happens tonight,” Doocy said.

Watch the clip here, beginning at the 6:12 mark.