Salma Hayek Doesn’t Think Hollywood Wants to Work With Her Anymore

“I don’t really care,” the Oscar-nominated actress says

Getty Images

Though Salma Hayek thinks she may not be a hot choice for Hollywood studios nowadays, the 48-year-old actress isn’t bothered.

“I think they don’t want me, but I don’t really care,” she told the Associated Press.

Hayek, who turns 49 next month, is just as accepting of her age.

“You don’t look as bad as you thought you were going to look. You don’t feel as old as you thought you were going to feel. It’s a myth. Forties are full of life,” the “Frida” star said.

She added, “The only thing that is tough about the 40s is when you haven’t had a child. This is awful.”

She also isn’t concerned about her love life, though she acknowledges age often seems to play a role.

“The men today are terrible because when you are coming to the 40s they … start going away. But you know what? (Not) the good ones,” she said.

Hayek married billionaire François-Henri Pinault in 2009.