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Samantha Bee’s Rape Kit Update Is ‘Schoolhouse Rock on Steroids’ (Video)

”Full Frontal“ host offers proof that bipartisanship actually exists in government

Samantha Bee took a back seat in a recent followup segment on “Full Frontal” to share some good news about the state of rape kits in Georgia.

Instead, Georgia Democratic Rep. Scott Holcomb takes the lead in the animated “Schoolhouse Rock”-inspired segment to tell the story of how the southern state could unanimously pass a bill — you know, if they wanted to.

In the original segment — which aired almost exactly a year ago — Bee blasted a number of states that had thousands of untested rape kits. This included Georgia, where State Senator Renee Unterman’s committee shut down a bill that would require the testing of rape kits.

Rape kits can be used as evidence in sexual assault and rape cases. However, Bee pointed out that many states had giant backlogs of untested kits, with some even going so far as to destroy them, even if the statute of limitations hadn’t expired.

This update is a sigh of relief compared to that. Holcomb narrates how, even though his original bill died in the Senate — despite being passed unanimously in the House — he didn’t give up.

He kept going back to Unterman to show her why the bill was so important, but he said, “There was no willingness to really listen.”

“She felt if there was a problem, she would’ve known about it,” Holcomb said.

The video picks up with five days left in the session. We don’t want to spoil it for you, but Holcomb, with the help of some others — including Republican House Speaker David Ralston — found some hope.

“When I saw Scott Holcomb, I didn’t see ‘Scott Holcomb, a Democrat,'” Ralston said. “I saw ‘Scott Holcomb, a member of the House who had a good idea about something we needed to do in Georgia.'”

It’s a touching story about how bipartisanship actually exists and how individuals like Bee can influence real change if we work together. It’s also a suspenseful tale, where Holcomb gets down to the wire.

“This is ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ on steroids,” Holcomb exclaimed.

Watch the video above.