Samantha Bee Rips Government Officials for Rape Kit Backlog (Video)

“Full Frontal” host tears into Idaho sheriff, Georgia state senator for their approval of the destruction of untested rape kits

Samantha Bee used her razor sharp wit to dissect the massive backlog of rape kits in the United States.

After playing clips that demonstrated the tens of thousands of untested rape kits in the country, Bee then showed that numerous states have begun destroying untested kits even if the statute of limitations has not expired.

Bee then took aim at Georgia state senator Renee Unterman, whose committee shut down a bill that would require the testing of rape kits.

“Woman, have you lost your f–king mind?” Bee said to Unterman. “Are you just pissed that someone wrote the law instead of you? Or are you in the pocket of Big Rape?”

Bee also fired shots at Idaho sheriff Craig Rowland, who made comments recently that most of the rape cases his office investigates are not actually rape, but rather “things went too far and someone got scared.”

“That’s what rape is!” Bee yelled.

Watch the video.