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The Samoa Quake: Will It Impact 'Survivor'?

Massive temblor shakes region where current and upcoming season of CBS hit films.

From the Getting Our Priorities Straight File:


Today's massive earthquake in American Samoa won't have any impact on the upcoming 20th season of "Survivor."


While CBS has never officially announced it, it's been widely reported that the next edition of the series -- an all-star edition designed to mark the show's 10th anniversary next year -- is set in the nation of Samoa. (The season now airing is also set in Samoa.)


But fans of the franchise worried that Sue Hawk or Rupert the Pirate might have been harmed in the quake can rest easy. The taping of season 20 of "Survivor" wrapped earlier this month, well before the earthquake. 


In addition, a CBS rep confirms that "Survivor" crew members still on the island are all "doing fine" and weren't harmed in the wake of the quake.


It helped that  the temblor struck American Samoa, while the CBS show films in the nearby nation of Samoa.