Sean Spicer’s Longtime Hatred for Dippin’ Dots Has Been Uncovered

New White House press secretary embroiled in seven-year feud with ice cream frozen by liquid nitrogen

sean spicer dippin dots

Public opinion of the new Trump administration has been roughed up in its opening weekend, if social media is any indication. Women’s March participants uploaded pictures of anti-Trump signs held among overwhelming crowds en masse. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer became an internet meme after he cited false numbers to support his claim that the crowd at Trump’s inauguration was the largest ever, as did Kellyanne Conway after she said Spicer was just presenting “alternative facts.”

Now, social media snoopers have dug far back into Spicer’s Twitter account — seven years back to be precise — and have found something a little more lighthearted to poke fun at Spicer with: he really doesn’t like Dippin’ Dots.

Spicer has composed several tweets voicing his disgust with the makers of the miniature ice-cream spheres that are flash-frozen by liquid nitrogen. A year after his first tweet against the “ice cream of the future,” he re-stated his hatred for Dippin’ Dots and even posted a Wall Street Journal article about Dippin Dots’ bankruptcy filing in 2011. The ice cream brand was sold to a new owner in 2012.

Spicer later dissed Dippin’ Dots in 2015 during a Washington Nationals baseball game.

You can probably expect the late night talk show hosts to make some jokes about this tonight, though we will have to see if the White House press corps asks him for clarification on this urgent matter at his next briefing later today.