Jimmy Kimmel Asks Sean Spicer: ‘Have You Ever Seen the President Naked?’ (Video)

Don’t worry — the late-night host was only quizzing the former White House press secretary about Trump’s obsession with size of the inauguration crowd

Last Updated: September 13, 2017 @ 8:15 PM

When Jimmy Kimmel said that Wednesday night’s guest had “survived the worst job ever,” he wasn’t kidding for once.

The late-night host went on to welcome former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, who admitted that it was weird for him to get applause when he steps onto a stage, “especially in California.”

However, “it’s been unbelievably pleasant … people have been very supportive,” over the past month, he added during his first late-night interview since leaving the Trump administration.

When asked if he was now distancing himself from President Trump, Spicer replied: “Absolutely not.”

The ABC host then quizzed Spicer on accusations that he fudged the size of the inauguration crowd when Trump took office.

“You are charged with going in front of the press and saying the inauguration crowd is the biggest crowd ever,” Kimmel said.  “Yes, I’m aware. I appreciate the reminder how it went down,” Spicer replied with a wry smile.

Spicer went on say he was caught unawares that day, but Trump wanted it addressed. “Why is he so concerned with size. Have you ever seen the president naked?” Kimmel then threw out.

“No,  I have not,” Spicer laughed. Well, thank goodness for small mercies.

Getting serious for a minute, Trump’s former staffer went on to say that there many people — especially members of the media — who were constantly trying to undermine the validity of the election.

When pushed to state whether or not he knew the crowd was smaller than Trump’s team was trying to portray, Spicer stressed that “your job as press secretary is to represent the president’s voice. And to make sure you are articulating what he believes … whether or not you agree with him is not your job.”

Whatever his job description, “when you brought that crowd size thing out, you opened this terrible Pandora’s Box,” Kimmel said. “Do you think that is what got you off to kind of a bad start with the press corp?”

“I don’t think it was probably the best start,” Spicer admitted.

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