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‘Sesame Street’s The Count Joins Seth Meyers for ‘This Week in Numbers’ (Video)

Yes, they touched on the big One Direction news

Fred Armisen, your “Late Night” gig may be in jeopardy: Seth Meyers had a new game sidekick join him on Thursday night for recurring segment, “This Week in Numbers.”

The Count from “Sesame Street” stopped by to help the former “SNL” head writer out, and the puppet opened with a numbers joke of his own: The number “20” represented “The number of minutes ago everybody went to bed,” according to the Dracula clone.

The two then collaborated on quantifying this week’s big One Direction news, with Zayn Malik announcing he was quitting the band this week: “37” was “The number of voicemails from Joey Fatone that Harry Styles has received,” Meyers quipped.

Count von Count and the NBC host also went through the Radio Shack bankruptcy news, dropped some taxes humor and even a little “Sesame Street” inside baseball, topped off by a solid pun from the caped purple doll.

Naturally, the segment ended with Count’s catchphrase “Ah-ah-ah,” plus a thunder clap and lightning strike.

Watch the video:

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