Seth Meyers Drags Giuliani for Showing Up to Court With Belt Undone: ‘Like He Knows’ He’s Off to Jail ‘So He Figures He’ll Be Ready’ | Video

The NBC host roasts Giuliani not only for his appearance, but also for the number of times the judge has had to scold him

As Rudy Giuliani faces a $47 million defamation suit, the former attorney has drawn mockery for his performance in court, especially when he showed up 20 minutes late on his first day, reportedly with his belt undone and hanging around his waist.

But. Seth Meyers suspects that happened on purpose, simply because Giuliani was just trying to be prepared for his eventual prison sentence.

During his “A Closer Look” segment on Wednesday night, the NBC host laid into Giuliani, as he often does, and got hung up once again on the belt. But, this time, Meyers guessed that maybe it was a strategy.

“It’s like he knows he’s eventually going to jail, so he figures he’ll be ready,” the “Late Night” host joked.

At that point, he put on his best Giuliani voice, and offered what he suspected was Giuliani’s logic.

“‘I’m innocent, but just in case, I took off my belt and my shoelaces, and put my wallet in this manilla envelope. Also, I call top bunk!’” Meyers mimicked.

Meyers roasted Giuliani not only for his appearance, but also for the number of times the judge has had to scold him. One such scolding came after Giuliani kept making “indecipherable objections.”

“A judge actually had to tell Rudy Giuliani, a former federal prosecutor, in the courtroom ‘Your words have to make sense,’” Meyers marveled. “It’s one thing for a judge to say ‘Your objections have to be relevant’ or ‘Your objections have to be in good faith,’ but you know you’re in trouble when a judge says ‘What the f— are you saying?’”

You can watch Seth Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.


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