Seth Meyers Roasts Matt Gaetz for Joining Twitch: Only Way He Reached Young Voters Before ‘Was on Venmo’ (Video)

What Meyers did not mention was how poorly Gaetz’s first Twitch stream actually went

Seth Meyers’ monologue may be largely one-liners, but he certainly had a sharp one for Matt Gaetz on Tuesday night. To kick off “Late Night,” Meyers roasted the congressman for joining Twitch in an effort to reach younger audiences — something, Meyers joked, Gaetz hasn’t had much trouble with in the past.

As always, Meyers had other targets between his monologue and his beloved “Ya Burnt” segment on the show. Those targets included Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral and Elon Musk. But Meyers saved a particularly brutal dig for Matt Gaetz.

Last week, Gaetz announced he was joining the streaming platform “to bring my America First message to a new generation of viewers.” And at that, Meyers had a good laugh.

“Previously, the only way he reached a new generation of voters was on Venmo!” Meyers sniped.

The late night host was, of course, referring to the ongoing investigation into Gaetz for sex trafficking and paying minors to have sex with him. In August, ABC News reported that Gaetz’s “one-time wingman” Joel Greenberg gave investigators “years of Venmo and Cash App transactions” as proof of Gaetz’s actions.

As is typical with Meyers’s monologue style, he deadpanned the joke and moved right along. What he did not mention though, was how Gaetz’s first Twitch stream actually went — which is to say, poorly.

The congressman’s inaugural stream on the platform — which was a live recording of his podcast and touted right-wing conspiracy theories surrounding January 6 — ironically reached only six viewers at its peak. Once the live portion of the stream ended, commenters flooded the chat room of the post, calling Gaetz many things, including “pedo” and “dumbass imbecile.”

You can watch Seth Meyers’s full monologue in the video above.