Michael Che Forces Colin Jost to Objectify His Wife and Shout ‘Free Weinstein’ in ‘SNL’ Joke Swap | Video

Meanwhile, Jost forced Che to start his own beef with Kendrick Lamar on “Weekend Update”

Saturday Night Live, Weekend Update, Season 48
Colin Jost and Michael Che during the Weekend Update of "Saturday Night Live" on October 15 (Will Heath/NBC)

As is tradition on the season finale of “Saturday Night Live,” Colin Jost and Michael Che wrapped up the show’s Weekend Update segment for Season 49 by doing a joke swap. And for Jost, that meant objectifying his wife and rooting for Harvey Weinstein.

To kick off the segment, Che apologized for hiring a fake civil rights activist for the last time they did the bit in their Christmas episode. To make up for it, he brought in an allegedly real rabbi to sit next to Jost throughout the segment, which cued viewers in to what the topic several of the jokes may be covering would be. First up: a punchline about the pro-Palestinian protests around the country.

“The only chant you’ll hear from me is ‘Free Weinstein,’” Jost was forced to say. “Keep fighting the fight, are you with me bubbale.”

The next joke Che had written for Jost centered on his wife, Scarlett Johansson. According to new reports, OpenAI is releasing a voice assistant feature similar to the movie “Her,” in which Johansson lent her voice to the virtual assistant. But, Jost was made to say he never watched “Her” for a very gross reason.

“Without that body, what’s the point of listening?” he said.

Of course, Jost took his chances to get back at Che. For one of the other anchor’s jokes, Che was forced to touch on the ongoing beef between rappers Kendrick Lamar and Drake — and then start some of his own.

“Speaking of bitches, I want to call out the biggest bitch of all: Kendrick Lamar,” Che begrudgingly choked out.

You can watch the joke swap in the video above.


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