‘The Flight Attendant’ Creator Steve Yockey to Write ‘Star Trek 4’

The last film released in the science-fiction series was 2016’s “Star Trek Beyond”

Chris Pine in Star Trek Beyond
Chris Pine in "Star Trek Beyond" (Paramount)

Steve Yockey, best known for creating Max series “The Flight Attendant” with Kaley Cuoco, has been tapped to write “Star Trek 4” for Paramount Pictures, according to an insider with knowledge of the project.

“Star Trek 4” has been through a number of iterations, including a version that would have found Chris Pine’s James T. Kirk traveling back in time and teaming up with his father, played by Chris Hemsworth. Screenwriters Lindsey Beer (“Sierra Burgess Is a Loser”) and Geneva Robertson-Dworet (“Captain Marvel”) wrote previous drafts of the script.

“WandaVision” filmmaker Matt Shakman was most recently attached to direct “Star Trek 4,” but bowed out to tackle “Fantastic Four” for Marvel instead.

The untitled follow-up to 2016’s “Star Trek Beyond” was previously announced at a Paramount investor day back in 2022 by producer J.J. Abrams, who directed the first film in the rebooted film series. Whenever the ship decides to leave Starfleet Command, stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Zoe Saldaña, Simon Pegg and John Cho are all expected to return.

Separately, Quentin Tarantino and Noah Hawley have each developed takes on the “Star Trek” franchise over the last few years that did not come to fruition.

“Stark Trek 4” would have continued the so-called “Kelvin timeline” film series, a reboot of the franchise starring Pine as James T. Kirk that launched in 2009 with the Abrams-directed “Star Trek.” The series is set in an alternate continuity in which Kirk’s father is killed when he is young by a time-traveling Romulan, creating a divergent timeline in which everything from the Federation to the lives of “Trek” luminaries turned out differently.

Yockey is represented by CAA and Slate PR.

Variety first reported the news.


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