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Stephen Colbert Crashes William Barr’s Senate Testimony (Video)

Attorney general redacts himself in hijacked hearing

Stephen Colbert hijacked United States Attorney General William Barr’s testimony, and dare we say he did a better job than the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Colbert started his interrogation of the man who summarized the Mueller Report from a pretty to-the-point place: “Has anyone in this room deceived the American people?”

Cue Barr rising and raising his right hand. Hey, he’s under oath.

The CBS personality then asked when Barr is going to un-redact Robert Mueller’s findings from his investigation into possible collusion between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign. The A.G.’s response to that question was actually redacted in real time.

Sigh. We’re getting nowhere with this, guys.

That’s about when the lightning round started, which included a “Star Wars” question and a separate — and disturbing — answer concerning Barr’s diet.

Colbert’s editors closed Wednesday’s cold open by making Sen. Lindsey Graham call Barr “a f—ing idiot.” That’s not really what Graham was doing — though the South Carolina senator did truly drop the f-bomb live on CSPAN — but it works here.

Watch the video above.

Last night certainly wasn’t the “Late Show” host’s first time criticizing Barr. Colbert previously accused the attorney general of telling a “baldfaced lie” about the contents of the Mueller Report.