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Stephen Colbert Credits Oprah for Taking Down Andrew Puzder: ‘Thank You, Lady O!’

”By the way, follow-up question, no particular reason…do you do any shows in Russia? Because we could use some help,“ says ”Late Show“ host

Stephen Colbert had a lot of things to talk about on “The Late Show” last night, starting with Andrew Puzder’s decision to withdraw as Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor. “Just to be clear, this is not a scandal,” Colbert joked. “He just wants to spend more time with Michael Flynn.”

As Colbert noted, the Carl’s Jr. CEO — like many of Trump’s cabinet appointees — has a lot of baggage. According to the comedian, Puzder called his own employees “the worst of the worst” and admitted to hiring an undocumented maid, something that definitely clashes with Trump’s staunch deportation policies. But Colbert says the smoking gun that caused Puzder to drop out was a 1990 interview the CEO’s wife made, in which she alleged Puzder had assaulted her. That interview was done by none other than Oprah Winfrey, who sent in a tape of the interview to Congress.

“Thank you, Lady O!” exclaimed a grateful Colbert. “By the way, follow-up question, no particular reason…do you do any shows in Russia? Because we could use some help.”

Colbert then moved on to addressing reports that Trump’s aides were “in constant touch” with Russian officials during last year’s election campaign. “‘Constant Touch’, by the way, is Trump’s Secret Service code name,” Colbert said.

And while there’s no evidence so far that directly links Trump to the Russians, said Colbert, several analysts say there’s “a lot of smoke.”

“And you know what they say,” Colbert warned. “When there’s smoke, there’s Stephen Miller blowing it up Trump’s ass.”

Of course, the host also fired back at Trump’s Twitter tantrum over the reports, declaring the reports to be “fake news.”

“Here the thing: it can’t be fake news and an illegal leak of classified information!” Colbert said. “‘Your honor, I did not kill that man! The real criminal is whoever filmed me strangling him.'”

Colbert also touched on other topics like Sean Spicer and Benjamin Netanyahu’s White House visit. To see what he had to say on that, check out the clip above.