Stephen Colbert Is Pretty Sure Rudy Giuliani Is Next to Be Thrown Under the Bus by Trump (Video)

“The Late Show” host pokes fun at Trump’s personal lawyer

Colbert Rudy Giuliani Trump

On Friday, Stephen Colbert had some bad news for Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani: He can probably look forward to being thrown under the bus by Donald Trump.

During his opening monologue, Colbert looked at some of Giuliani’s shadier connections, as well as a Time Magazine article arguing that his “Pursuit of Money and Power May Cost Donald Trump Dearly.” In the article, Colbert noted, Guiliani said he isn’t worried about his relationship with Trump, telling Time “He’s 100% in my corner and loyal to me as I am to him.”

“Yes,” Colbert said in response, before rattling off a list of other people Trump has been, uh, loyal to. “He’s just as loyal to you as he is to his wife, Ivana, his wife, Marla, his wife Melania, his buddies Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, Reince Preibus, Rex Tillerson, John Kelly, John Bolton, Jim Matti,” Colbert said.

Then the list got even more real. Colbert named the Kurds, who were left in the lurch when Trump withdrew American forces from Syria last month, then Meatloaf, who was fired by Trump after an infamous breakdown on Season 22 of “The Apprentice.” After that, Colbert named “Chris Christie, Chris Christie again, Chris Christie again… you know what? It’s only an hour show.”

Watch the clip below: