Stephen Colbert Live Streams Adorable Kitten Focus Group During VP Debate

The tabby and white kittens are “undecided,” while the Siamese and black cats side with Tim Kaine

Stephen Colbert kitten vp focus group

You’ve gotta be kittening me!

For anyone sent climbing up the walls in frustration during the vice presidential debate on Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert had the purrfect solution — kittens, and lots of them.

The “Late Show” host live streamed a room full of playful felines as part of a kitten focus group, that was far smarter and more entertaining than anything being aired on the news networks.

As Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence argued about immigration, taxes and abortion, the baby cats chased toy mice, played with balls and grabbed at feathers dangling above their pen.

Of course, in the spirit of politics, the kitten focus group was given the opportunity to share its vice presidential picks.

The tabby and a white kitten were firmly planted in the “undecided” litter box, but the black cat and Siamese were opting for the Hillary Clinton-Tim Kaine ticket rather than the Donald Trump-Mike Pence option.

The felines were all guests from the North Shore Animal League America and available for adoption. They are also far more adorable than anyone currently involved in the presidential race.

Watch them in action below.

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