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Stephen Colbert on Gay Football Player Michael Sam: ‘It’s 1st & 10, Not 1st and Steve’ (Video)

How could Sam sully football’s reputation?

Michael Sam, the University of Missouri defensive end, may become the first openly gay football player in NFL history and that has Stephen Colbert seeing red.

“The Colbert Report” host admitted that Sam’s “coming out” announcement took stones, but he warned that the game isn’t ready for homosexuality.

“Ok, that took courage, but we can’t have a gay football player,” Colbert said. “It’s 1st and 10, not 1st and Steve.”

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Football executives have told Sports Illustrated that Sam’s revelation could hurt his draft position when teams begin selecting players. That makes sense, Colbert said. When it comes to homophobia, it’s nature, not nurture.

“I’m sorry sir, nobody chooses to have a problem with this,” Colbert said. “I was born having a problem with this.”

That’s to say nothing of the the proud football tradition that Sam’s sexual preferences threatens.

“I cannot believe we have come to this as a nation — to sully the game of Ben Roethlisberger and Michael Vick with a gay guy,” Colbert lamented.

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