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Olympics: Jon Stewart Blames Russian Water for Bob Costas’ Eye Infection (Video)

Shoddy Sochi construction provides solid foundation for comedy

Jon Stewart has diagnosed the cause of Bob Costas’ eye infection.

“I told him before he left. I said, ‘Bob: Do not wash your face with the water,'” Stewart reported on Tuesday’s “Daily Show.”

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“But Bob’s all, ‘I’m eight time sportscaster of the year Bob Costas! Surely my eyes are impervious to Russian toxins,'” added Stewart.

Costas has had to cede some announcing duties to Matt Lauer at Sochi’s Winter Olympics, where many reporters have complained about yellow-colored water in their hotels and Russian President Vladimir Putin has been accused of allowing shortcuts in Olympics construction.

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But the subpar conditions have been good for comedy. On Monday’s “Daily Show,” Stewart introduced a new sport called “Bustage,”in which Olympians have to break through shoddily constructed doors. The first gold went to bobsledder Johnny Quinn, who used his sled to escape from a bathroom.

Watch the video: