Stephen Colbert Defends Clooney for Leaving Biden Fundraiser Early: ‘He’s Out Protecting Gotham as Nipple Man’ | Video

After the Oscar-winner called for POTUS to drop out of the 2024 race, the White House responded with a stamina flex

In George Clooney’s bombshell op-ed Wednesday calling for Joe Biden to drop out of the 2024 presidential race, he cited what he said was the President’s diminished capacity at a recent fundraise.

The White House responded by claiming Clooney left that fundraiser hours before Biden did — the implication being that POTUS has more stamina than the Oscar-winner. But Clooney got some high profile defending on Thursday night from Stephen Colbert, who during his “The Late Show” monologue offered up an amusing justification for why Clooney ducked out of the race. Involving the worst-ever “Batman” costume.

“Yesterday, Clooney penned a bombshell op-ed calling for a new nominee and citing as evidence what he described as a diminished Biden that he had witnessed at a recent Hollywood fundraiser,” Colbert explained.

“But last night, Joe Biden’s team clapped back at George Clooney, implying that Joe had more stamina than Clooney, saying that the President stayed for over three hours while Clooney took a photo quickly and left,” Colbert continued. “Okay, fair enough, but most people would leave early too if they knew that they were going home with George Clooney.”

“Plus,” Colbert added, “George Clooney is really busy. He’s got to leave. He’s out protecting Gotham as nipple man,” referring of course to the infamous 1997 flop “Batman and Robin,” in which Clooney played the caped crusader in a costume that featured nipples.

Colbert spent plenty of time talking about Biden — and the various calls for Biden to withdraw from the race — during his monologue, at one point noting a recent report that members of Biden’s administration “are discussing how to convince him to step aside.”

“In order to get Joe on board, the aides would have to persuade him that another candidate would beat Trump, and assure him that the process to choose a new candidate would not devolve into chaos,” Colbert continued. “They’d also have to somehow convince Joe that he’d have a meaningful retirement. Oh, in an unrelated story, Conde Nast Traveler has a list of the 14 most beautiful train stations in the US.”

Biden is famously a fan of trains and public transportation, and so it is Colbert talked up these stations. “Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station chandeliers, and the Spanish revival Santa Fe depot, which is the starting point for Amtrak’s coastal Pacific Surfliner. All this could be yours,” he said. “Why, it would surely take months of fascinating, fulfilling travel to see it all, possibly years.”

Watch the whole monologue at the top of the page.


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