Stephen Colbert Dings Biden’s New ‘Anti-Immigration Liberal’ Border Policy: ‘The Barbed Wire Will Be Pro-Choice’ | Video 

“It’s not a border wall. It’s a board-her wall,” the host of “The Late Show” jokes

Stephen Colbert is a big supporter of Joe Biden, but he took issue with the president’s new border policy during his monologue on Tuesday night’s “The Late Show.”

Colbert said he had a hard time understanding how “being an anti-immigration liberal” even works, followed by some jokes illustrating the contradiction between the border policy’s cruelty and election year style sloganeering around issues favored by the Biden’s likely voters.

For background, on Tuesday Biden announced a new executive order that severely restricts how asylum applications are handled by cutting off the majority of new applications for political asylum whenever there is a high surge of border crossings. It now faces several legal challenges and possibly also violates U.S. treaty obligations.

“Biden is also in the news today because he issued an executive order allowing temporary border closure to migrants, and it’s being called the most restrictive border policy instituted by any modern Democrat,” Colbert said as he got to the topic.

“That is a tough needle to thread, being an anti-immigration liberal, Colbert continued. “So we’re going to seal the border folks, but the wall is going to be gluten free, and the barbed wire will be pro-choice.”

“It’s not a border wall. It’s a board-her wall,” Colbert added.

“Now this order is not playing great with progressives. In fact, back in February, AOC tweeted this about the then-proposal: ‘Seeking asylum is a legal right of all people, doing Trump impressions isn’t how we beat Trump,’” Colbert quoted. He then slipped into his Trump impression: “Nope. doing Trump impressions, she’s right. Folks, doing Trump impressions is how you fill 13 minutes of monologue every night.”

Earlier in the monologue, Colbert talked about how Biden is on the cover of the next issue of Time Magazine.

“We spend a lot of our time talking about a certain convicted felon,” he said, referring to Donald Trump. “And we’ll be doing that for a lot more time. But here’s the thing, there’s a guy running against him who we’ve learned on fact is the President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden. And today, Biden, Biden’s family is here, evidently, this evening today, Biden is on the cover of Time Magazine.”

“That’s right, he’s courting the youth vote where the kids hang. Print media! Next stop, Zeppelins.”

Colbert noted Time used the same title for the story as the one the magazine recently did for Trump: “If He Wins,” joking, “Next they’re planning a cover featuring RFK Jr — ‘If He Worms.”

“It is brave, I believe that is brave for Biden to do this cover, because he’s side by side with his nemesis: Time,” Colbert added.

Watch the full monologue above.


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