Stephen Colbert Welcomes Jimmy Fallon to Late Night Club That Includes ‘Shahs of Sunset’ Re-Runs (Video)

“The Colbert Report” host says everyone should check out “The Tonight Show”…on Fridays

Stephen Colbert didn’t sound threatened Tuesday that Jimmy Fallon is encroaching on his television territory now that he’s become the host of “The Tonight Show.”

“I want to begin by welcoming my friend Jimmy Fallon to the 11:30 time slot and the brotherhood of shows that includes me, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and the repeat of ‘Shahs of Sunset’ on Bravo,” Colbert said. “We all get together on weekends and Reza braids Dave’s hair.”

“Everyone should check out Jimmy’s show on Fridays,” Colbert, whose show airs Monday through Thursday, said.

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Colbert stopped by “The Tonight Show” on Monday  for Fallon’s debut to dump $100 in pennies the host. It was a tradition Colbert said dated back to when “Steve Allen bludgeoned Jack Paar to death with a roll of quarters.”

He noted that moving up an hour is a big step forward for Fallon and crew.

“I’m sure it’s a relief to escape the barren television Super Fund site of the 12:30 death slot,” he said, before adding a kind word for Fallon’s replacement as “Late Night” host, Seth Meyers. “That reminds me, congratulations Seth.”

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