Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ Marquee Makes Its Debut at Ed Sullivan Theater

There’s just one thing missing — the new host’s name

Comedy Central

Stephen Colbert’s “Late Show” marquee made its premiere at the Ed Sullivan Theater on Thursday with just one crucial element missing: His name.

As Colbert prepares to take over the “Late Show” desk on Sept. 8, the theater was gussied up with the new marquee, which bears the logo for the show, minus — at the time being, anyway — the name of its host.

An image of the incomplete marquee was tweeted by DNA Info news editor Amy Langfield, who noted, “On #jonvoyage day, Colbert’s new Late Show marquee appears at the Ed Sullivan Theater.”

Perhaps Colbert was just showing deference to his former employer Jon Stewart, who retired from “The Daily Show” after 16 years on Thursday with a guest-packed finale that featured a cavalcade of former correspondents, including Colbert himself?

More likely it’s just that the marquee is a work in progress — by Friday, a sign bearing Colbert’s name had been placed on the side of the marquee.

Previously, the marquee featured an image of Colbert reclining while enjoying a slice of pizza from Angelo’s, the next-door neighbor to the theater. (Which is surely more appetizing than some of Colbert’s recent culinary choices.)

Colbert is inheriting CBS’ “Late Show” from David Letterman, who retired after 22 years of hosting the show in May. George Clooney will serve as the guest on his first show.