Steve Wozniak, Danny Trejo to Appear in 8-Bit Video Game

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak will appear alongside "Machete" star Danny Trejo as a playable character in the action game

When it comes to the iPhone, Steve Jobs created it, but Steve Wozniak got game.

The Apple co-founder will appear as a playable character in an upcoming iOS video game "Danny Trejo's Vengeance: Woz with a Coz."

The game, slated to be released around Nov. 22, puts Wozniak alongside "Machete" star Trejo in an 8-bit mobile game, fighting a city full of enemies with an assortment of weapons.

The plot is simple: "Woz" is forced to save his wife, J-Woz, after she is kidnapped by street thugs. Teaming up with Vengence, Woz tears up Fusion City in his quest to rescue her.

"Featuring an over-the-top, old school inspired action combined with a retro 8-bit and exciting gritty art style, players will enjoy Woz's brain power, translator apps, Danny Trejo's machetes, guns and other crazy upgrades," a Facebook fan page devoted to the game says.

Other playable characters will include musician Baby Bash and MMA World Champion "Suga"  Rashad Evans.